Thursday, May 21, 2009

Once you pop a revolting mixture of corn starch, flour and fat you can't stop!

Delighted to read this morning that Pringles lost a court case in which they were trying to avoid paying VAT, and in the process revealed what we suspected all along: they're fucking revolting.

After years of marketing, you may have been under the impressions that Pringles were a particularly moreish type of potato crisp.  Well now the makers have strenuously argued that they're not - because they're only 42% potato.  33% of a Pringle is flour and fat.

They lost, and the court thinks they are a potato crisp (how did they reach that conclusion)?  So Pringles now face paying back £100m in VAT.  But after these revelations, they may not have this problem in future - would YOU buy them again knowing what you know now?  No sales = no VAT.  Everyone's happy.


  1. so you not going to eat any sh*te ever again then?

  2. In response to that, a T-shirt I saw yesterday:

    "My other body is a temple"

  3. so which one will be be having some welks a saveloy and chips at clacton tommorow?