Friday, January 30, 2009

Remind me what 'FA' stands for again?

Today Barnsley's manager, Simon Davey, was fined £500 and warned about his conduct for remarks he made to the fourth official during Barnsley's 2-1 defeat to Sheffield United in November.

In the same game, Utd's Chris Morgan inflicted a tackle on Barnsley's Chris Hume that was so severe it fractured Hume's skull.  Hume almost died, and for a while it looked like he may never play football again.  Morgan was given a yellow card in the game.  He hasn't apologised to Barnsley or Hume for the horrific tackle - which is really unpleasant to watch - and neither has his club. The FA quickly confirmed that no further action would be taken against Morgan or Sheff Utd. 

So as far as the FA is concerned, it's a more serious offence to have harsh words with an official than it is to almost murder an opposing player.

The Fucking Arseholes.


  1. even on a basic level if it's a foul and some gets sent carried off it must be red card. But the FA have never been tough on this sort of violence the police should do more as some of it is just criminial

  2. Keep an eye out for Adam Hammill - winger you guys have loaned from Liverpool, very good player.