Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh dear

May 2009 - feeling abandoned by the Labour Party, swathes of its traditional working class support vote for the BNP and England elects fascists to the European parliament.

29th September 2009 - Gordon Brown sets out his stall for a last desperate bid to remain in power - fighting on behalf of the 'squeezed middle classes'.

June 2010 - Britain elects Nazi MPS?

I know Europe was proportional representation and the election is first past the post - making it harder for minority parties to be heard - but seriously. Brown has learned nothing. He's prioritising people worrying about their house prices over people who will never have a house, or a job; over child poverty and appalling living conditions for the poorest in society. Labour has abandoned the people it was supposed to represent, and now the only politicians who will even talk to those people are the fascists. Can we be surprised if they get in?

Brown learned nothing from the shame of the euro elections.

So now lets all look forward to a generation of Tory rule with nasty racists as the only real dissenting voice.


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